CCPS Middle East Process Safety Bahrain Conference

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CCPS Middle East Process Safety Bahrain Conference

October 9, 2017 @ 8:30 am - October 11, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

Bell Energy participated in the CCPS Middle East Process Safety Conference held at Bahrain in October 2017.

Over the past several years Process Safety has taken on increased importance. Today companies large and small, in the traditional process industries and in emerging areas, all put a premium on improving their Process Safety performance. In fact, Process Safety is now a Board-level issue in many companies.

Organized by AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety, CCPS MEPSC is the Middle East conference for stakeholders in the process industries who recognize the business value of process safety and have committed to process safety as a strategic priority and core value in all of their operations. Focusing on operational excellence through effectively managing risk and reliability, this event aims to define, through collective industry experience, the engineering practices and leadership traits that drive industry to a zero harm culture.

The 2017 CCPS Middle East Conference on Process Safety took place  at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre on October 9-11, 2017.

The topics covered during the conference were as follows:

  • Process Safety Implementation
  • Ten Years of Living Risk Based Process Safety
  • Formulating Effective Assets Mechanical Integrity Management Program
  • Active Safety Performance Dialogues at the Shop Floor
  • Learning from incidents
  • Emergency Planning and Response: A Challenge in Process Safety Management.
  • Inherently Safe Design for Flare Systems
  • The Reality of Risk
  • Continuous Improvement Toward Excellence in PHA Studies
  • Radiation Risk and Safety Progress Improvement
  • The Importance of Feedback from Failure&root Causes Analysis in RBI Studies
  • Enhanced Risk Management through Effective Evaluation
  • Improvement in Transient Operation of Ethane Cracker
  • Structure Critical Risk, Incident and Audit Data on Bowtie Barriers
  • High Walled Diked Tanks
  • The Future of Geographical and Scenario Based Fire & Gas Mapping
  • How a Company Can Achieve Quick Improvements in Process Safety
  • Achieving Excellence in PSM Through Competency
  • Four Major Gaps that are Preventing Most Companies Worldwide from Achieving Excellent Process Safety Performance
  • Effectively Managing Plant Flare and Relief Systems to Prevent Unsafe Operations
  • Process Safety-of Key Interest in Insurance Risk Engineering Surveys
  • Hazards Identification Improvement
  • A Value-Based Approach for Evaluation of Investment Options in Oil & Gas Plants
  • Risk Register Implementation and Management – Practical Challenges – a Case Study
  • Promotion of Process Safety Competency for Operators
  • How to Minimize Audit Findings By Achieving a Sustainable and Sound Process Safety Culture
  • An Overview of Quantitative Risk Assessment Methodology, and Worldwide Risk Tolerability Criteria
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments During Capital Projects
  • An Approach to Improve Process Safety Management Audits
  • Risk-Based Management of Mechanical Integrity in Air Products Hydrogen Steam Methane Reformer Plants
  • Management of Aged Safety Critical Equipment (SCE) – an Approach to Excellence in Mechanical Integrity (MI) & overall Process Safety
  • Toward Reliability Excellence Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) Experience
  • Communicating Hazards and Risks to a Multinational Workforce
  • Sustainable Corrective Actions – Is SMART Good Enough?
  • Management of Change – Critical Success Factors
  • Fired Heaters Hazards of Operating with Fuel-Rich Firebox: Experience Shared and Lessons Learned
  • A Real World Example of Monitoring Process Safety Metrics in a Refinery over Five Years
  • Use Plant Walkthroughs to Enhance Process Safety Risk Discovery
  • Process Safety Leading and Lagging KPI – “You Don’t Improve What You Don’t Measure”


October 9, 2017 @ 8:30 am
October 11, 2017 @ 4:00 pm