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Infrastructure & Mobility

Broad Expertise in Infrastructure & Mobility Projects

Infrastructure & Mobility

At Bell Energy we provide innovative engineering solutions for infrastructure and mobility projects based on our extensive experience with hundreds of projects in various industries worldwide. Our professional engineers know how to take customers’ infrastructure projects through the entire design process from conceptual design to detailed engineering and construction management. We support our clients in ensuring all of the roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructure required for operation of their plants and facilities are exceptionally designed, constructed and up and running in a safe, reliable and cost-effective way.

Bell Energy provides world-class solutions and expertise to customers covering:

  • District Cooling and Heating Systems
    • Transportation
      • Roadways, Bridges, Tunnels, Bus Transit
      • Railway Lines, Trains, Train Stations, Railroad Bridges and Tunnels
      • Aviation, Airports, Air Traffic Control, Ground Facilities
    • Power and Energy
      • Electric Power Grid Networks
      • Renewable Energy Infrastructure (Solar Power, Biofuels, Hydro-Electric Power)
      • Traditional Energy Infrastructure (Gas And Coal Plants)
    • Telecommunications
      • Mobile Network Towers
      • Internet Systems
      • Telephone Cabling and Wiring
      • Radio Broadcasting Systems
    • Buildings and Facilities
      • Buildings
      • Housing and Residential Buildings
      • Commercial Buildings and Hotel Complexes
      • Recreation Facilities
      • Parking Areas
    • Structures
      • Retaining Walls
      • Underground Structures
      • Drainage Facilities
      • Support Buildings
    • Water Management Infrastructure
      • Main Water Lines
      • Wells
      • Treatment Plants
      • Pumping Stations
      • Stormwater Drains
      • Dams
      • Septic Tanks
    • Waste Management Infrastructure
      • Wastewater Facilities
      • Treatment Facilities
      • Storage Facilities
      • Recycling Facilities
      • Solid and Hazardous Waste Transportation

World-Class Engineering Services

With over 30 years of serving energy companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia, as well as over 300 successfully completed projects, we have a global team of professionals with experience providing a wide range of client-focused and tailored engineering services from concept selection, development of feasibility studies, site selection studies to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Detailed Design, Vendor inspection / Third party inspection, Technical Safety & EHS and other related services.

World-Class Engineering Services

Our Services for Infrastructure Value Chain

Our professional engineers have a proven track record of providing client-focused comprehensive solutions for any kind of infrastructure project, whether it is constructing or reconstructing heating/ cooling systems, power networks, roads, railways, buildings, residential and hotel complexes or it is selection of solutions to improve energy efficiency of the new or existing infrastructure. We support companies from all industries with the full scope of conceptual design, FEED and detailed engineering services, as well as all types of engineering studies.

Our Services for Infrastructure Value Chain

Engineering Services for District Heating & Cooling Systems

Infrastructure & Mobility

At Bell Energy we help public and private companies to design systems for centralized generation and distribution of heating and cooling, which allow more individual consumers to assess heating and air-conditioning, and are lower-carbon, lower-electricity and more cost-effective for consumers than individual heating systems. District heating and cooling networks can fulfil a critical role in supporting companies’ energy transition to renewable power sources and contribute significantly to environment protection. As an example, district heating systems allow to utilize large scale thermal storage and combined heat and power technologies for simultaneous on-site production of electricity and heat and storage of produced heat for later use.

Our innovations consider use of all possible renewable heat sources- geothermal heat, solar, waste heat, wood, biomass, lakes, rivers, wastewater- to deliver the most efficient and reliable design.

There are multiple customized solutions with which our engineering experts support customers in setting up complex district heating and cooling networks. Our engineering service offerings for District Heating & Cooling include:

  • Master Planning Studies
  • Preliminary Studies and Conceptual Design
  • Selection of Energy Production Solutions based on Renewable Energy Sources
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-FEED, Final Investment Decision Reports
  • Front End Engineering Studies (FEED Studies)
  • Detailed Design for District Heating or Cooling Networks (at Low, Medium, High and Very High Temperatures)
  • Monitoring and Optimization of Existing Systems to Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Debottlenecking System Capacity
  • Distributed Energy Solutions
  • Engineering during each Project Phase (including Planning, Execution and Commissioning)
  • Plant Design & Simulation
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Piping & Mechanical Design
  • Transient & Hydraulic Analysis
  • Civil & Environmental Services
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Design
  • Geophysical, Geotechnical & Topographical Surveys

Engineering Services for Transportation (Roadways, Bridges, Aviation)

Infrastructure & Mobility

We offer a wide range of engineering expertise for projects related to roadways, bridges, tunnels, railway lines, train stations, airports, ground facilities to provide solutions based on best global practices and national or international requirements.

    • Some of our offerings for Roadway, Bridges and Tunnel projects include:
      • Preliminary Studies and Conceptual Design
      • Pre-FEED and Front End Engineering Studies (FEED Studies)
      • Detailed Design
      • Infrastructure Engineering and Design
      • Structural Design and Specifications
      • Road Layouts and Drawings
      • Earthworks Specifications and Drawings
      • Foundation and Concrete Drawings
      • Paving Plan and Details
      • Intersection/Interchange Design
      • Utilities Coordination and Design
      • Corridor & Alignment Studies
      • Maintenance of traffic design
      • Roadway Engineering and Traffic Analysis
      • Bridge design
      • Road Drainage
      • Bridge & culvert sizing
      • Retaining Walls and Underground Junction Chambers
    • Bell Energy’s engineering services for Aviation Projects include:
      • Preliminary Studies and Conceptual Design
      • Pre-FEED and Front End Engineering Studies (FEED Studies)
      • Detailed Design
      • Airport and Road Layouts
      • Infrastructure Design
      • Earthworks Specifications and Drawings
      • Foundation and Concrete Drawings
      • Airfield and pavement design
      • Utility design
      • Structure evaluation
      • Site layouts
      • Access Roads
      • Design for Main Terminal and Support Facilities

Engineering Services for Buildings and Facilities (Industrial, Residential and Commercial)

Infrastructure & Mobility

There are multiple civil engineering solutions that Bell Energy provides to customers when it comes to projects for construction of industrial buildings and facilities, as well as residential and commercial buildings, hotel complexes, recreational facilities and other buildings- for all of these our experts’ work is based on innovations and most advanced technologies.

Our team of engineering experts service customers to provide the following deliverables for projects related to Industrial, Residential and Commercial Buildings and Facilities :

  • Preliminary Studies and Conceptual Design
  • Pre-FEED and FEED Studies
  • Detailed Design
  • Civil Design Criteria
  • Civil Layouts
  • Earthworks Specifications
  • Earthworks Grading Drawings
  • Piling Specifications and Layouts
  • Foundation and Concrete Structure Details
  • Foundation Drawings
  • Reinforced Concrete Specifications
  • Underground Services Specifications, Layouts and Drawings
  • Cable Trench Layouts and Details
  • Paving Plan and Details
  • Road Layouts and Details
  • Structural Design Criteria
  • Structural Steelwork Specifications
  • Structural Steel Layout and Details
  • Fireproofing of Structural Steelwork Specifications
  • Buildings Specifications and Layouts
Our team’s services include not only engineering, but also procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning, maintenance and project management for comprehensive support to projects with own resources or through collaboration with partner companies.

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