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Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction: Best Practices

Bell Energy supports customers with a broad range of technical and advisory services for Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure from basic engineering to construction and commissioning. Our team of professionals with experience of over 30 years, successfully completed over 200 projects in various regions of the world and accumulated an extensive knowledge base with global engineering and construction best practices.

Our Engineering and Construction offerings to multiple sectors:
  • Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Mining & Metals
  • Fertilizers & Petrochemicals
  • Infrastructure & Roads
  • Housing & Residential Complexes
  • District Heating and Cooling

We aim to provide custom-tailored engineering and construction solutions utilizing the most advanced software, digital tools and work processes for best results in Engineering, Engineering Management, Construction Management or other roles that meet our customers’ needs.

We provide the full range of services such as Engineering, EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management), EPCCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Management), PMC (Project Management Consultancy) and other services.

Engineering and Construction: Best Practices
Providing world-class engineering and construction management services
Engineering and Construction

Engineering Services

We develop comprehensive engineering solutions for all project phases from pre-FEED and front-end engineering (FEED) to detailed engineering for project delivery. Our team of engineers delivers sustainable, safe and cost-effective solutions for clients based on our unique digital-focused approach and years of experience in engineering and design. Our engineers’ vision is to design and build assets considering their full lifetime and meeting the client’s specific requirements with compliance to National and International standards.
Engineering Services
We also specialize in modernization of District Heating and Cooling Systems
Engineering and Construction


Engineering and Construction

We help our clients to establish detailed plans that clearly define their work scope, mitigate risks and progressively improve certainty through our comprehensive conceptual and feasibility studies which provide a well-defined starting point for front-end engineering and design (FEED) that facilitates efficient progress toward the clients’ strategic objectives.

Accurate definition at early project stages is crucial, which supports our clients in enhancing the predictability of project lifecycle costs. We offer the following services in pre-feasibility, feasibility and conceptual design phases:

  • Technical definition
  • Project scope & limits
  • Duration of project phases
  • Risks & obstacles to completion
  • Availability of adequate funding
  • Due diligence
  • Project constraints (legal, regulatory, and logistical)
  • Availability of personnel, equipment, and supplies
  • Technology selection
  • Resources for limiting or funding cost overruns
  • Preliminary economic analysis
  • Site selection and routing
  • Development of block flow diagrams and process flow diagrams.
  • Preparation of material and energy balances.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Energy optimization assessments.
  • Preliminary layout design.
  • Trade-off studies.
  • Capital and operating cost estimates.
  • Permitting assistance


Engineering and Construction

Following the Conceptual Design Stage our engineers provide the full scope of pre-FEED and FEED services, and all types of engineering studies with the aim to analyze the project’s technical requirements, fix the design basis and process design, as well as provide a preliminary investment cost for the project execution allowing contractors and suppliers to issue a firm quotation.

  • Development of Process Development Package
  • Development of Project Philosophies
  • Site Selection Study
  • Geotechnical & Topographical Surveys
  • Process Engineering Package
  • Development of Plot Plans
  • Process Simulation (Steady State & Dynamic)
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Pipeline Route Section
  • Preliminary Bill of Materials and Bill of Quantities
  • Mechanical Design
  • Structural Design
  • Civil & Architecture
  • Plot Plans and Hazardous Areas
  • Piping Layouts & General Arrangement
  • Instrument, Electrical and Civil Works Layouts
  • Automation
  • Preliminary 2D & 3D Models
  • Major Equipment List
  • HAZOP And Safety Studies
  • Engineering Design Package Development
  • FEED Dossier (with Project Timeline, CAPEX & OPEX Estimates)


On the basis of the developed FEED package and basic engineering package, our teams can further provide Detailed Engineering services allowing our clients to obtain precise and detailed deliverables, including final drawings and specifications for execution of the project.

  • Piping and Instrument Diagrams
  • Detailed Piping Drawings, including Stress Calculations and Isometrics
  • Detailed Drawings for Civil Works, Electrical Facilities and Instrumentation
  • Final 3D Models
  • Detailed Bill of Materials and Bill of Quantities
  • Management of Vendor Drawings, Vendor Datasheets
  • Material Selection Diagrams
  • Cost and Schedule Control
  • Start-up Procedures
For projects for any industry, we provide client-specific engineering solutions in multiple disciplines including process, mechanical, civil, structural, piping, electrical, instrumentation, controls as well as advanced solutions like simulation, modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Engineering Management Services

Engineering and Construction

Our team at Bell Energy is highly experienced in Engineering Management at all project stages in multiple industries. This role is critical in leading the technical design of the facilities and systems that will be created by the project combining leadership, management and technical aspects for delivery of safe, reliable and efficient design of the facilities and systems. Additionally, another key aspect of Engineering Management is management of the project planning and execution through leading development of engineering deliverables as per project standards, leading and managing the project team and coordinating the deliverables with the procurement, fabrication, construction, HES, Operations and other functions.

Our experts support clients in engineering management activities with the goal to ensure evaluation and approval of project funding, completion of the detailed design and provision of support for construction, commissioning and start-up.

Bell Energy’s Engineering Management offerings include:

  • Leadership for and management of the project stakeholders involved in engineering activities: design and engineering teams, organizations, experts, contractors, vendors and suppliers responsible for the project’s engineering
  • Definition and coordination of the project technical scope technical standards
  • Definition of clear roles and responsibilities for between the engineering teams of customers, contractors and suppliers
  • Definition of the engineering and technical scope of work, deliverables, sequence of engineering and design activities, as well as schedule required to meet the customer’s needs at each phase of the project; ensuring readiness of required deliverables at the necessary level of completeness and meeting the project schedule
  • Application of lessons learned and best practices from similar projects
  • Facilitation of design assurance activities and reviews which are critical for project design
  • Development of cost and schedule estimates required to meet engineering targets and monitoring execution and engineering deliverables progress
  • Management of changes to the project scope and to engineering cost and schedule
  • Risk assessment and mitigation related to design and technical risks
  • Assuring high level of quality of the engineering work and related processes in compliance with project requirements
  • Management of efficient communication of technical and engineering information between all project participants
  • Assurance of correctness and accuracy of technical and engineering information used on the project by all parties
  • Review and approval of deviations from original design
  • Provision of technical expertise for field design reviews, factory acceptance tests, construction and commissioning activities
  • Assurance of full and accurate inclusion of approved project engineering information in final project deliverables, including operating manuals and final documentation
  • Support with issuance of as-built documentation and transfer to the operator
We specialize in digitally transforming the engineering and construction industry.
Engineering and Construction

Construction Management Services

Engineering and Construction

Our experts provide a broad range of Construction Management services to support our customers in various industries with efficiently managing and overseeing their project’s construction activities throughout all project phases, including construction, fabrication, transportation, installation, commissioning, start-up, demolition, decommissioning.

Our goal is to fully support our customers with construction planning, organization, management, control, as well as project closure by applying most advanced tools, processes and software for management of productivity, schedule, costs, HES and risks until completion of construction, turnover, commissioning and start-up.

The Construction Management services that we provide to our customers with include:

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities and key interfaces between the project’s construction teams of customers, contractors and suppliers by project phases
  • Coordination of interfaces between project stakeholders involved in construction activities: project teams, organizations, experts, contractors, vendors and suppliers responsible for construction
  • Definition of the construction management organization, staffing, training, and teambuilding plans
  • Coordination and support with Pre-Construction and Mobilization Activities
  • Definition of and support with development and update of Construction Management documents to be developed
  • Support with Construction planning, including development and detalization of the Project Execution Plan, Construction Management Plans, Construction, Fabrication and Installation Strategies and Philosophies, Contractor Execution Plans
  • Support with project Constructability, Construction Readiness, Construction Mobilization and Construction Performance Reviews
  • Definition of the construction scope of work, deliverables, sequence of construction decisions and schedule required to meet the customer’s needs at each phase of the project; ensuring compliance with the project construction schedule
  • Development of cost and schedule estimates required to meet construction targets and monitoring execution and construction deliverables progress
  • Support with defining transition plans for the project as per project phases
  • Interface and Risk Management during all phases of construction
  • Support with Engineering Management during all project phases
  • Support with implementation of Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning, and Craft Productivity Programs
  • Ensuring Cost Estimating, Planning and Scheduling, Project Controls processes and procedures are implemented on the project
  • Assuring high level of quality of the completed construction work and related processes in compliance with project requirements
  • Support with defining construction management working routines, administration and protocols
  • Support with Materials Management: Planning and Organizing, Designing and Documenting, Material Acquisition, Fabricating, Assembling, Testing, Procurement, Monitoring and Controlling, Logistics, Site Materials Management, Materials Management during Startup and Operation, Materials Management Lessons Learned
  • Support with Equipment Management, including Equipment Plans, Onsite Traffic Management, Roadway and Project Access Requirements
  • Support with Quality Assurance (QA)/ Quality control (QC) activities, including Quality Plan Assessments, Quality Plan Verifications, Quality Field Checklists
  • Guidance on Health, Environment and Safety (HES) / Injury and Incident Free (IIF) requirements and support with implementation
  • Support with Process Safety Management, including Operating Procedures, Technical Codes and Standards, Asset Integrity Management
  • Support with Information Management processes, strategies and deliverables, including Document Control processes, Master Document Registers
  • Support with Contracts Development, Management and Strategies, as well as Supplier Qualification processes, Tender Documentation processes, Contract Administration, Management of Claims and Disputes and Contract Close Out
  • Support with planning and conducting Project Meetings and Communications
  • Support with Project Management of Change processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Support with Handover from Construction to Commissioning and Start-up, including Systems Completion and Punchlist Management Processes
  • Support with Project Close Out and Project Lessons Learned and Lookback Processes

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