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Engineering for Energy Transition

Energy Transition Plans

At the early stages of a decarbonization project, we develop project specific energy transition plans to meet companies’ decarbonization targets. We provide advisory services at this stage for selection of appropriate technologies and performing engineering and design to achieve Net-zero.

Across industries, companies are striving to develop such plans, to have a balanced portfolio with lower carbon and meet the climate goals set in the Paris Agreement. We are willing to share our extensive expertise with oil, gas, mining, chemical, petrochemical and other sectors to deliver such solutions for credible plans to transition to lower carbon.

Energy Transition Plans

Decarbonization targets and opportunities

We support our customers with engineering studies at the FEED phase to build custom-tailored energy transition solutions. We help to clearly set and visualize decarbonization targets and identify plans clearly defining the design, technologies, costs, schedule and other criteria needed to achieve these goals.

Our experienced engineers will build the energy transition plans by reviewing specific processes, revealing gaps and identifying the opportunities for decarbonization such as solutions for emissions minimization, electrification, energy efficiency increase, waste heat usage, battery integration, implementation of hybrid energy systems, application of automation and control systems, digital transformation and others.

Decarbonization targets and opportunities

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Potential decarbonization opportunities

We provide advice to customers on the best applicable energy transition opportunities for individual projects or assets. Based on our extensive engineering and R&D capabilities, our experts perform FEED studies to evaluate optimization opportunities and innovative technologies, including:
  • Lower-emission technologies and fuels
  • Application of biofuels
  • Carbon capture and storage solutions
  • Direct air capture technologies
  • Application of new catalytic materials in fuels
  • Electrification
  • Heat Recovery
  • Battery integration
  • Other optimization solutions reducing emissions

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