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Process Safety Management

Proven-in-use approach for PSM

Process Safety Management is an Industry Best Practice followed by leading Chemical Process Industries to manage process safety across the entire value chain of the company. Process safety entails a wide range of aspects covering Safety Leadership & Culture, Governance, Technical, Legal and Communication. Bell Energy follows its proven-in-use approach for helping Organizations develop, implement and sustain a strong fit-for-purpose PSM program that brings together three well known frameworks:
  • Energy Institute (EI), United Kingdom
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), United States
  • Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS), United States

PSM is not a “One size fit all” approach

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Bell Energy PSM Specialists range from engineers and consultants who have wide experience in Safety Leadership roles, Operational Leadership roles and have implemented PSM and Operational Excellence programs for leading Chemical Process Industries such as ExxonMobil, Reliance, PETCO, SABIC etc.

Bell Energy is a partner of choice of Organizations who are serious in implementing a fit for purpose PSM program.

Bell Energy’s PSM consultants help organizations achieve the following:

  • Develop a fit-for-purpose PSM Framework that meets the Organization’s requirements, whilst keeping the overall existing resources and budgets in mind.
  • Developing PSM Systems, Processes and Procedures – Bell Energy believes that PSM is not about changing everything and starting fresh. It is about molding the organizations current practices, finding areas of improvement and improving what is being done to meet the objectives and expectations of the PSM Elements and Sub-elements that are applicable to the Organization
  • Sensitization, Trainings and Workshops – Hand-holding is key when it comes to PSM. PSM is a change management and transformation program that requires dedicated and consistent efforts in creating a safety sensitive culture by providing trainings through classroom or through e-learning programs. Visit Bell Immersive to learn more about our immersive learning and computer based training development capabilities.
  • Audits, Surveys and Verifications

We perform discovery sessions with our clients to understand their requirements better so that we are able to tailor our PSM offerings that meet the objectives of PSM, keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients.

Current Status
  • Out of 20 elements as per CCPS, some procedures are developed
  • Some elements are separate and needs to be systematic and standardized
  • Process safety and occupational safety are not adequately segregated
  • Equipment integrity is not clearly understood.
  • We are only complying with minimum statutory requirements
What you want to achieve?
  • Systematic process
  • Implement PSM for the lifetime of the plant (design, construction, commissioning, operation, decommissioning)
  • Improve reliability & plant availability
  • Be able to implement PSM with internal resources
  • Improve Safety Culture
  • Improve Brand Value
Key concerns / priorities
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process Safety
  • Asset Integrity
  • Standardization of Operating Procedures
  • Review if the procedures are correct
  • Be able to detect abnormal situations

What are the benefits of implementing PSM Programs?

  • Improvement in Process Safety Culture
  • Setting and monitoring Process Safety KPIs and including them in Business Plans and Balanced Score Cards
  • Attracting International investors by demonstrating strong HSE performance
  • Improving employee satisfaction, company brand and profitability
Free PSM Self Assessment Tool for Companies
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Asset Integrity

How can Bell Energy help?

Bell Energy can help in various ways. Some of our clients have benefited through the following routes:
  • Engaging Bell Energy as a PSM Consultant for developing and helping implement a fit-for-purpose PSM Program which includes initial surveys, benchmarking, comprehensive gap analysis, PSM Framework development, development of PSM Systems and Processes, PSM Trainings & Workshops and ongoing PSM Audits
  • Performing PSM Gap Analysis on an ongoing basis through audits and verifications for those companies who already have a PSM program in place.
  • Providing PSM Trainings
  • Developing custom e-Learning programs and Computer Based Trainings on various subjects of PSM
  • PSM Benchmarking

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