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Beneficiation Process Selection

Beneficiation in Ore Mining

The process of separating economically essential minerals from their respective ores is referred to as Mineral Beneficiation. We, at Bell Energy provide a comprehensive range of services for beneficiation process selection focusing on eliminating inefficiency and wastage by ensuring that all the possible material that can be extracted from an ore is carried out. We offer advisory and consulting services by performing Pre-FEED, FEED and Detailed Engineering for all leading beneficiation techniques utilized by major mining companies world wide.

Beneficiation in Ore Mining

Our Expertise in Beneficiation Techniques

Beneficiation process plays an important role in overall performance of the mine, We offer innovative and intelligent solutions and supports in redefining operational, reliability, availability, maintenance costs and energy efficiency that help client to achieve highest availability over the entire lifecycle of the plant. We enrich the quality of output and lower operating costs and optimize processes over the entire lifecycle.
  • Scrubbing
  • Crushing
  • Gravity and magnetic separation
  • Selective flocculation
  • Flotation

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Benefits of selecting the appropriate mineral beneficiation process

  • High volume production in lesser time.
  • Increases the metal content of the ore.
  • Decreases the gangue content to get the most out of the ore.
  • It provides raw materials that support the country‚Äôs infrastructure and economy.

Global Network of Metallurgical Testing Facilities

Our extensive global network of laboratory and metallurgical testing facilities supports most of the processes that are used in the exploration and treatment of most metals and commodities globally.

Global Network of Metallurgical Testing Facilities

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